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Marine Park Regulation and Conservation

Marine park are ideal places for viewing the rich aquatic life that abound in Malaysia's water. There are 5 marine parks and tourist wishing to visit these parks must take note of regulations.

What is Marine Park ?

A Marine park is an area of the sea zoned as a sanctuary for the coral reef community which is considered as possibly the most productive ecosystem in the world, with its diversity of flora and fauna. Coral reefs are also important breeding and nursery grounds for many commercially important species of marine organisms and fish. Among the objectives of the marine park and Marine reserves are:

Preservation and protection of coral reef areas from the impact of development.

Upgrade and preserve the natural habitat of endangered species of aquatic life.

Establishment of zones for preservation of the aquatic flora and fauna and also for the purpose of research and educational activities.

Establishment of zones for recreational uses consistent with the carrying capacity of the area.

What are the benefits of Marine Park? 

With the establishment of the Marine Park, the benefits are as follows:

The ecosystem and habitat of marine life will be protected and maintained

Rejuvenation of over exploited zones and their maintenance for the protection of   endangered species of marine organisms.

Establishment of zones for research and educational purposes.

Establishment of zones for recreational uses and tourism.

Do's and Don'ts in Marine Park

Provisions for the establishment and management of the marine parks in the Fisheries Act 1985 allows for the control of the following activities. Permitted Activities : 

- Underwater photography
- Swimming
- Observation and appreciation of the aquatic flora and fauna
- Scuba Diving
- Snorkelling

Prohibited Activities (except with permission) :

- Water skiing, speed boat racing and jet skiing
- Destruction, removal or collection of the corals
   and other aquatic life
- Vandalizing and structure or object within the marine park
- Anchoring of boats over the coral areas.
- Carrying and using weapons that endanger aquatic life.
- Fishing in the park vicinity. (within a 3.2km radius)
- Discharging of pollutants and rubbish

Conservation fees

A levy of RM5.00 for adult and RM2.50 for children is charged for entry to all marine parks in the country.

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